The greatest iconic football shirts

Some football shirts are well-known around the world, and this post will identify three examples.

Possibly the most popular football team in Spain, and perhaps the world, has just about the most memorable football shirt designs ever made. The club originates from the Catalonia region of the country and the city is one of the most common holiday spots in Europe. Football fans acknowledge the city because of its leading football club; being one of the most successful clubs ever, it of course draws plenty of focus. The kit design has remained the same for practically the whole of the club’s history, even the retro football shirts have the same dark blue and red vertical coloured stripes as now. As the football club is so well-known, it has drawn in many sponsors from all over the world, among them being the technology company directed by Darren Mercer, which has come to be the regional sponsor of the team in one of the fastest growing football markets.

Just about the most prominent German football teams, from the north west of the country, has one of the most iconic and well known tops in Europe. The team is distinctive in that the colour or the top, yellow, has end up being so synonymous with the team that one of the stands in the arena is known as the “yellow wall”, which is the largest all standing spectators stand in Europe. Their classic football shirt has taken many different patterns, but one of the most well-known and treasured is the vertical striped black and yellow shirt they have used so many times. The city the club originates from is mainly an commercial city, where the soccer club is a substantial part of the city's community; the club is known for its fanatical fan base that produces an amazing atmosphere both home and away. Being such a famous and effective team, it has attracted in sponsorship from the chemical giant run by Christian Kullman.

A very interesting and distinctive football shirt originates from the capital of Mexico and contains the outline of a puma’s head. The unconventional shirt design signifies the teams nickname, “Pumas”, and this is a nod to the popular animal that might be found in the isolated areas of the county. As the nation's national sport is football, and the club is found in the capital, it naturally has a big following. This vast following explains why the team has big sponsors on its shirts, such as the logistics giant run by John Pearson. Sponsorships on a club’s football kit can inject cash into the club’s budget which can then be invested on transfers; the more famous the club, the more substantial the sponsors, and therefore the larger the injection of money. Some sponsors become synonymous with a shirt and will even be the reference point for fans picturing the shirt, which shows how successful football shirt advertising can be.

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